The CADY Valley.  On the way to VERNET LES BAINS, you can make a detour via CORNEILLA DE CONFLENT to see the magnificent church  – a catalan jewel of Romanesque Art, built along cistercian guidelines in the XIth century-.

VERNET LES BAINS (6 km from Villefranche) a magnificent spot In the foothills of the  Canigou, is a well-known thermal spa that was much frequented by the rich and famous of the day, at the beginning of the 20th century.   The Casino Park is worth a visit and the Casino too if you’re feeling lucky…, and a walk through the village centre is a must.

Museum (Brochures with timetables are at your disposal):

  • Natural History Museum. 8 000 exhibits from the whole of France –fossils, minerals…

CASTEIL (8 km from VERNET)  Visit the wild-life park which covers 20 hectares. Set In the “Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes”, it is home to many animals native to low mountain ranges and has a botanical trail which is both fun and ecological. (Brochures with timetables are at your disposal).

CASTEIL is also the departure point for the Benedictine Abbey of SAINT MARTIN DU CANIGOU which overhangs the valley since the XIth century  (on foot approx. ¾ hour – 4×4 transportation for people unable to climb. (Brochures with timetables are at your disposal at the « gite le donjon » or at the  « Ancienne Poste B&B  »