Things to see at Mont-Louis

MONT-LOUIS is 29 km from VILLEFRANCHE DE CONFLENT (for stop-off places along the way, see the section on the Upper Conflent.

The fortified village is the highest in France, and is classified UNESCO World Heritage. Rather austere, the small town lives in the shadow of the citadel. For more than 325 ans, MONT-LOUIS is a military base occupied by the Army. One can visit the miltary base (area closed to the public) and hear about the history of the stronghold and its construction, enter and visit the « Puits des Forçats » with its enormous wheel supplying the entire garrison with water.
A must see, is the first Solar Oven In the world within the perimeter MONT-LOUIS!

This is a fascinating visit for all age groups. Guides explain all the technical details and different uses of solar energy in everyday life and show you the heart of the installation.

If you would like to know more on the subject, at 10 km from MONT-LOUIS, is the ODEILLO Solar Oven 54 m high and 48 m wide, comprising 63 heliostats functioning under solar energy, put into service in 1970. Its thermal power is one megawatt. It is one of the two largest In the world.

This laboratory is known worldwide for its unique scientific knowledge In the field of solar studies on high temperature phenomena and the behaviour of materials subjected to extreme conditions.