On the way to MONT-LOUIS (Conflent), you can make a slight detour via EVOL.   At OLETTE (10 km from VILLEFRANCHE), take direction EVOL (3 km from OLETTE).  It’s an enchanting village, full of history and literature (the writer Ludovic Massé was born there in 1900). In addition to its natural beauty, the village is fortunate in possessing a rich heritage: an,  impressive feodal castle dominates the village.   When walking through the beflowered and sinuous streets, you will see many things that are typical of rural life, for example  bread ovens and inner courtyards…
When leaving OLETTE, you can explore the NYER Nature Reserve.  Walks and exhibitions are available here. (Information at the Reserve, Tel: 04 68 97 05 56)
Once again en route for MONT-LOUIS, at TUES ENTRE VALLS, stop to see the Carança Gorges in th Upper-Conflent You can park in the car park leading to the gorges – a spectacular walk.   Monkey bridges, hanging walkways and ladders, with long passages along the corniche : that’s what’s in store for you… Walks vary from 2h to 5 h http://www.rando-marche.fr/_38189_56_randonnees-gorges-de-la-caranca Brochure with timetables are at your disposal.