When going to PRADES, you can take the CODALET road (6 km from VILLEFRANCHE) where there is the magnificent Abbey of SAINT MICHEL DE CUIXA not to be missed (2 km from PRADES).  This Benedictine Abbey is over 1000 years old and is one of the major religious monuments in the South of France with its pre-romanesque church and Byzantine-tradition horseshoe arches, bell-tower and a wonderful crypt of the first XIth century romanesque art and the remains of a magnificent cloister…. (Brochure with timetables at your disposal).

2 km from COLADET is the sous-préfecture of PRADES, where all services are available, 2 supermarkets…

The church of SAINT PIERRE is worth a visit, mainly for its alterpiece – reputed to be the biggest in France -, a true baroque masterpiece made by the Catalonian sculptor Josep SUNYER.   One can visit the churches “treasure” which contains church artefacts dating from the XVth to the XVIIIth century, furniture from SAINT MICHEL DE CUXA brought to PRADES during the revolution,  reliquary and fully gold-covered alterpiece of SAINT BENOIT.

When wandering through the centre of PRADES, notice the old façades, sculpted fountains, oratories and ancient washing places. PRADES is also the « capital » of the Catalonian garnet, a precious stone once extracted from the Pyrénées.  2 jewellers of the town have revived this savoir-faire and give visits of their workshop.

5 km from PRADES, is another of the most beautiful villages of France in our region : EUS, built in terraces upon a promontory which overlooks the TET Valley, one of the most typical fortified villages in the Roussillon with its cobbled streets and its church.  It is also the sunniest place in France and offers magnificent panoramas.